Tour Announcement -BB’ers show their LOVE!

I had the opportunity, along with a select group of other LOVE!RS,  to attend Jennifer’s special announcement in LA on Monday, April 30th. In the Netherlands, where I’m from, we celebrate Queen’s Day that day, but this year I celebrated my very own queen: Jennifer Lopez!

I arrived at Boulevard 3, on Sunset Blvd, where the special event took place. I saw several familiar faces from BB and it was nice to meet some LOVE!RS from my new hometown, LA. While I was waiting in line, me and my friend got interviewed by a German reporter. He asked us if we were German, we told him we were Dutch but do speak German. Of course I made sure to point out I was there for JLo. After that it was finally time to go inside!

When all of us got in, we received a bag containing a tour t-shirt. We were sent to the balcony of a building. TV screens were on the walls saying Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Wisin y Yandel. On the ground floor was a stage, with 4 red chairs on it and video screens showing pictures of the 3 artists, also lots of press was waiting for the stars to hit the stage. The DJ played JLo and Enrique jams in order to pump the crowd up. Lots of LOVE!RS had signs with them showing Jenn their love.

After a while Benny Medina, Jennifer’s manager, entered the DJ booth, and a few minutes later Beau ‘Casper’ Smart also entered the area. I knew the moment I was waiting for was coming real close! The video screens showed a video of the 3 latin stars, pointing out their accomplishments. Mario Lopez hit the stage and welcomed everybody and introduced the special guests of this press event: Enrique Iglesias, Yandel (Wisin was not present because he was sick) and the one and only Jennifer Lopez! Everybody went crazy when they made their way to the stage. All of them were clearly touched by all the love the audience gave them. Jennifer looked flawless, but hey is that a new thing?!, in her pink/black Lanvin dress with a glittery sequin snake draped around it. Mario chatted with them about their joint tour and later on, a few reportes were able to ask the trio some questions. After that it was time for a final photo call for the press and the 3 latin stars vanished between the curtains where they stepped out minutes before.

I was honored to represent BB alongside other LOVE!RS and show Jenn that our JLOVE is going in full force! I’m very excited about the tour, something all of us have been waiting for since years! Jennifer pointed out that she wants to give us a great show, fulfilling our desires and make it an unforgettable experience. Another thing to look forward to are her tour outfits, which will be designed by Zuhair Murad. She already revealed that there will be some kind of cape in her tour wardrobe.

It was a pleasure being there in person, having a little chat with Benny Medina and to see my idol once again! Can’t wait to find out what the future has in store for all of us, but I’m 100% sure it will be amazing! Hope you enjoy the pictures I took, which you can see below. Big thanks to Jennifer’s team for having us!

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