JLo Talks Shades, Bye Bye Birdie at TCAs

Jennifer Lopez had a busy day Wednesday! First up was a stop at the NBC’s TCA Panel, where Jennifer discussed season 2 of Shades of Blue, which premieres March 5. Jennifer also spoke about another NBC project she’s working on, Bye Bye Birdie Live! Per EW:

“The role of Rosie onstage…is such a great role, and it got watered down a little bit in the movie version,” said Lopez, who began her performing career in musical theater. “She was Puerto Rican, and Albert, who she was with, was not marrying her, [because] his mother did not like that she was Puerto Rican. There’s all these dynamics that were in the original play that didn’t make it into the movie.”

“It’s going to be interesting to actually play that part and be a woman who’s pushing 40 and feeling like, ‘Are we ever getting married?’ and wanting that and being the driver of the whole piece,” Lopez continued. “It’ll be authentic, it’ll be colorful, and we want to just push the envelope of how great these live television musicals can be. So I’m excited to take it on as a producer, and as a role.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about Shades, per TV Guide:

“I call this ‘A storm is coming’ this season,” she said. “There’s this sub-story about Hurricane Sandy and it really does feel like they get caught in a hurricane they can’t get out of.” Casualties mount, making for a slippery slope and Harlee wants to be better for her daughter, who she’s sent away but as Lopez said, “It just doesn’t stop.”


An official Shades of Blue trailer with footage from Season 2 also premiered yesterday: