JLo Covers Self Magazine!

We know January will be a very busy month for Jennifer Lopez, with the release of The Boy Next Door and the premiere of American Idol. Things are already getting started with a new magazine cover! Jennifer graces the cover of the January issue of SELF.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“I still consider myself a dancer first and foremost,” she says. “Well, after being a mother, of course.” Though Lopez already put in enough rehearsal time last weekend to need only a light walk-through tonight, she’s here because she doesn’t believe in doing anything halfway. She goes hard, in stilettos, on a Monday night, because that’s who she is. Between swigs of water, Lopez listens intently as her 10 dancers, many of whom have been with her for years, chime in with stage ideas for the kids’ show, including massive sets of feathers and dramatic mic tosses, before giving them her own tips in calm, direct shorthand. “That’s right, you’ve gotta hit it here,” she says to one of the girls as she demonstrates a hip twerk. “And let’s get in a straight line for that last part,” she says to the guys. The dancers bounce back into place for another go, smiling because—well, because they get to dance with Jennifer Lopez for a living.

Lopez is smiling, too, even though it’s been a long day. Earlier, she filmed an hour-long interview with Maria Shriver for the Today show. Then she drove for an hour to attend a taping of Dancing With the Stars, in support of her close friend, the actress Leah Remini, who was cohosting. When she is done with her dance rehearsal, at around 10 p.m., she will head into a studio to record a few new tracks with Rodney Jerkins, the prolific producer behind “If You Had My Love,” her first hit from 16 years ago, and the Destiny’s Child smash “Say My Name,” among others. In spite of her hectic schedule, she swears she sleeps eight hours a night, joking that she’s too boring to be found out on the town after midnight. “I’m in bed between 11:30 and 12:30 unless I’m pulling an all-nighter or on a night shoot,” she says, which also might help explain why her complexion looks even more flawless in person.

You can read more of the article on Self.com and buy the new issue.