MY JLo BBMA Recap!

As Maurice mentioned in his coverage of the BBMAs, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Billboard Music Awards as a JLo “super fan” to live tweet the red carpet and show to give JLovers an insider’s perspective of the show! You can check out our twitter feed for all of my coverage, but you can check out highlights after the jump!

My day started off with a stop on the red carpet, where the news outlets were setting up:

As the celebs began arriving, I waited (im)patiently for Jennifer. She arrived, and I was able to snap a quick pic:

Next I made my way inside to the “fan pit” to get situated. I knew Jennifer would be opening the show, so I definitely needed a good spot right in front of the stage!

You can see a video I took on Instagram!

Jennifer killed her performances and then picked up her ICON award:

As a long-time fan, it was so amazing to witness this moment live!

After the show, we were lucky enough to get a quick picture with Jennifer and basically gush about how amazing her performances were and how much she deserves the ICON award. Jennifer was with the twins and her friends and family, but she was gracious enough to suggest we take a couple of selfies. Jennifer’s make-up artist, Mary Phillips, took this photo of us taking the selfies:

After our photos, Jennifer hugged me (tightly!) and we went our separate ways. She’s always so sweet to her fans, which is one of the many reasons why I’ve been a fan for such a long time!

Everyone who attended received a program, and some of Jennifer’s colleagues placed ads congratulating her. It was tough to scan, so here are pics:

Overall, it was a great experience and I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage this weekend!