Who the heck are you?
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Intro to Jenology
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by Sola, Feb 19th, 2017, 4:50 am


Oh no, I'm alone yet :D
So hi to myself :confetti anyway

First at all, why jlamb, because some friends call me like that :x
I find good and funny way to fun and I got always some appreciation with J because I'd lived with her influenced musical and great movie long ago, since 1999/2000 far away the social f---media (I was naive) with her great movie and bop. I don't know why, I love her sensitive and human side. Slighty crazy sometimes that's why I'm feel touched by her personality.

I like on the floor , papi, if you had my love and MLDCAT, miles in my shoes and Brave is for le one of her best (a crush for "sola"), ready for tonight, let's get loud...
My favorite movies : the cell (the artist), out of sight , selena, el cantante, how we say "plus jamais"... , plan b. I hate anaconda! :bad:
My favorite picture still : IYHMY (I find, Emme have same face physically like IYHMY cover,no? Did I wrong? )

I loved the story with her x husband Marc-Anthony like my favorite sitcom.

I have had my first crush with IYHML song too because I loved her energy!

Until a witch with the name of "mariah monde" break my gently dream with her words :evil: on social media, I'd made "whouauh! Not jlo why?!" And then, I keep on going to be forgetful by some Battle stan and leave away because it's a tragic world for me and I want to keep on my good appreciation :x
And believe one day, sweet day I'll have my DYKWGT duet... for clockeT some mouths :bad:
Happy to see some mature persons who often stay away from social media and stay in good appreciation on music too.

I'm apparently a janet and mjb stan too but anyway... Does it count ?
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Brenda JLove
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by Brenda JLove, Aug 11th, 2017, 8:43 pm


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