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by QueenCedar101, Jan 5th, 2018, 2:35 pm

Hey, guys! This is a thread where you can recommend songs, albums, artists, and post your reviews on them. I thought it would be cool to do to get to know some of your preferences and even discover something different. So I'll start things off.

One singer I recommend is Jane Zhang. She's a Chinese singer who happened to be discovered on a show called Super Girl and came in third in the contest. Here's a clip of her performance from that time:

She proved to be a super talented singer and even now she has made a couple of albums. Here's a couple more of her performances:

Incredible singer who is so versatile and her voice is like no other. She has a super rare talent and IMO the most talented vocalist of this generation. Let's not forget about those impeccable whistle notes:

She's called the Dolphin Princess back in China, due to her ability to hit those notes with ease. I know this is long, but I'm just a fan of hers and I love her voice so much. I won't go, without dropping a couple of songs.

Plus, this cover of a song she did is so beautiful, I just have to share it:

She is the epitome of beauty and talent. She totally deserves more recognition for her talent. I would love to have her singing voice anyday.


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