JLO "All I Have" Vegas Residency 1st Leg 2017!

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by JLOVING, Dec 27th, 2017, 4:47 pm

There's an artist who performed at Planet Hollywood and then he/she released the dvd of the concert? I Have a fear that this is never happened! :(
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by robcz86, Dec 28th, 2017, 1:15 am

I hardly comments. & I have a question for those who knows.
What are the cameras policy for JLo Vegas show? What are allow?
I'm going in February for the first time.
& I am planning on buying the Canon eos M6 mirrorless camera.

Please help. Thanks. :)
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by Crazy4JenL, Dec 28th, 2017, 9:36 am

rico_ysl1 wrote:
Crazy4JenL wrote:
cjfinley wrote:
rico_ysl1 wrote:okay i know this has been covered before but i cant find the answer, so i booked the left general admission right on the floor up against t he stage... question how does one guarantee you are the closest to the stage? do you have to line up how early? any tips or advise

In September, I think I lined up about 7pm. There was a few people in front of me but I still managed to get front and centre on the floor at both shows - Just remember to go straight to the right once you get inside, and line up against the wall at the door to the theatre. Once they let you in, just move fast (but don't run or they'll push you back like they did to me lol).

Would agree with everything that was said above. I went in Sep and lined up like 2 hours before the show maybe and once we were let in I made sure to go straight to the other line (I went to the left) and I was the 3rd person in line there. I got a great spot right up front between the J and the L. It was insane how close I was to her. If you go with someone else you can leave them in line to hold your spot and walk around to see the exhibits.

hi thank you for your amazing feedback, did you go left cause you purchased the general left tickets? so there must be two entrances in the theatre?

also u cant run and grab a spot?

I don't believe I went left because that's what my ticket said - I think that's just the direction I headed in. Both left and right side meet up once everyone is let in and nothing divides the sides.

Once you make the second line and you're let in to the venue you can go grab a spot quick (they do tell you not to run) but if you move from there you're going to loose it. I did not have a problem grabbing a spot right up front because everyone stood around and was taking it all in - I was on a mission to be front and center. I had my BF guard our spot and I went back outside to grab a drink and I did the same for him.

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