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by JustJLo03, Mar 12th, 2003, 6:23 pm

ezboard Version 7.2 is a HUGE release! It includes a ton of user driven product improvements, innovations, and as always, our continued commitment to customer ease-of use. Keep reading to find out whats new!

The 7.2 Spotlight:

ezInbox is a web-based messaging and message storage solution for every ezboard user and replaces private messaging. ezSupporters receive the full-featured ezInbox including unlimited message sending capability, Friends & Ignore list, up to 20 custom inbox folders, 100 messages per folder limit, Sent & Drafts folders, and much more! More Info

Forum Find has been rebuilt from the ground up. Use it to find communities that match your interests!
Private communities who wish to remain private in the new Forum Find will need to update their Forum Find settings. We apologize, but the current settings are not retroactive.

The New Member Management Interface allows you to find and manage members by name or type more efficiently. Large communities shouldnt have any problems managing large lists of members.

More New ezSupporter and Gold Community Features!

- Six new profile skins for our ezSupporters.
- Shadow Topic leaves a shadow (place holder) of a moved topic in the forum where it was originally posted.
- Copy Topic creates a duplicate copy of an existing topic in another forum.
The Transfer ezOp feature allows the existing ezOp to transfer ownership and the complimentary ezSupporter account to another administrator of their community.

Also, for All Communities:

New Message Icon Within Topics shows you what posts within a topic are new, if you use the Mark Forum Read feature.

There are a ton of Bug Fixes in the 7.2 release. The full list

Additional Changes to the ezboard Product:

- We are limiting the number of accounts per email address. The new limit is one free account per email and five accounts per paid ezSupporter email. This limit is not retroactive.
- Page #s in the topic listing now show pages 1,2,3 and the last page of the topic. (ex. 1,2,3....9)
- A community's security log can no longer be deleted. It now carries a maximum of 2500 lines.

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