I'm Leaving Next Week

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by JustJLo03, Apr 11th, 2003, 8:29 pm

Ok, next week i'm leaving for Spring Break to Cancun. Also, one of our moderators "JenRox" is also leaving. While we are away fannnnnn will be moderating the entire board. Which means he has the right to edit or delete your post if he finds them inappropriate.

In order to prevent a great number of haters from coming to Beyond-BeautifulWhile I am away, unless you are registered with ezboard or have been posting with us all along, you will not be allowed to post. I know that some unregistered users are regular posters at the Jennifer Lopez forum, I suggest you register with ezboard now.

If you have any issues or if anything happened's while I am away, I will deal with it when I get back on April 23rd.

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